New House Photos

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Picture of Front of House taken at Night with lights on.

Another Picture of the front of house taken at night with Lights on

Picture of my 61.5 Dish. I don't think you can see it, but I ran the wires behind the brick :)

Electric Meter with Underground Electric Service

Picture of my Dish 1000. If you look closely, you'll notice I also ran the wires behind the brick

Another Picture of my Dish1000

Picture of the back of my house taken at night

First Floor Bathroom

First Floor Office/Computer Room

Dining Room

Dining Room (Front Door is susposed to be delivered + Installed on Friday 3/17/2006)

Kitchen (Granit counter Tops susposed to be delivered + Installed on Friday 3/17/2006)

Picture from Kitchen looking into living room area

Pictur from Kitchen looking at Stairway to 2nd Floor

Kitchen Pantry area

Kitchen Pantry Area

Stairwell going to 2nd Floor

Stairwell going to basement

Stairwell in basement going to 1st floor

My Soda Pop Machine. I was getting excited, so I decided to do a temporary install in the basement because I can't install it in the kitchen until the install the counter tops.

Soda Machine Syrup and Co2 Gauge + Water Filter

Square D 200 AMP main Electrical Service panel with Automatic Transfer Switch to 15,000 KW Generator

Square D 100 AMP Subpanel for Generator

Basement Air Conditioner with backup Electric Heart.

Boiler for Radiant Floor heat and Hot Water. Blue box is for the hot water, boiler is to the left mounted on the wall.

Zone Pumps for my Radiant Floor heating system. Note I have 7 zones!

Just thought I would take a picture of the mess of cable wires I still have to terminate. There is over 22,000 feet of Coaxial and Cat5/6 Cable in my house!!!!!

Bundel of Phone and Satellite Cables running on top of floor Joyce.

Picture of basement in old part of house. Utility room is to the left

Picture of basement in old part of house. Basement in new part of house is behind stove

More low voltage Satellite wiring going from New Basement to old basement.

Picture of new basement, with stairway leading up to old basement in the origional part of the house

Another picture of the new basement

Wet bar area where I intend to install my Soda machine. I already got the ice machine and the Mini Fridge

View looking up stair way to 2nd Floor hallway

2nd Floor Bathroom (Just need to install Sink)

2nd Floor Jacquzie bathtub

2nd Floor bathroom, Toiler and sink water supply valves

2nd floor hallway. (Blue room at end of hall is my room)

My Bedroom

My Bedroom

My Bedroom

Satellite wall plate where my Tv is going to go in my room. I got 8 Coax Cables. (1) Cat5e, (1) Cat6, and 4 Telephone lines

A typical Satellite wall plate like you will find in the rest of the house

(4) Coaxial cables
(4) Phone Line connections
(1) Cat6 (Blue)
(1) Cat5e (Orange)

Picture of my bedroom. Notice the thermostat, which is hooked to the floor heat system so I can individually adjust the heat in my room.

Picture of Bedroom #2

Picture of Bedroom #2

Picture of Bedroom #2


Picture of 2nd Floor Hallway

Picture from 2nd Floor looking down stairway

Picture of 2nd Floor laundry connection. The plumber messed up the origional box since it was really loose on the wall so I had to remove the drywall and install a new box with the proper supports.

2nd Floor Air conditioner with backup electric heat.

2nd Floor Laundry Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom

Master Bathroom vanity. The plumber screwed up and thought we only had 1 sink, so I had to open the wall and move the pipes so we could have 2 sinks

Same picture as above

Master bathroom

Master Bathroom shower

Master Bathroom shower

Master Bathroom

Picture of master bathroom looking into master bedroom

Master bathroom Vanity/Sink

Washer and Dryer

Looking down from 2nd floor to first floor

Brass wall plates for elecrical covers