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The Best DISH Network Deal Ever!
Over $385 in Savings and Rebates!

Ok, you finally decided to get DISH Network installed in your home, with all the promotions you see out on the internet your probably asking yourself who has the best deal available?

First of all you can call anyone to sign up for DISH Network service and they will be more than happy to setup a new account. You can call 1-800-333-DISH and sign up with DISH Network directly, you can go on Google and search for DISH Network and sign up with any of the dozen or so dealers that come up as sponsored links, or you can sign up with DishStore.

The fact of the matter is that the programming prices and equipment configurations are identical no matter who you sign up with. The Top 100 package is still going to be $24.99 with a $15 promotional discount for the first year, and they are all going to be able to offer you a FREE VIP 722 HD DVR. There should be no reason why you should sign up with one dealer or another because of a monthly programming cost, because more than likely they are giving you a promotional rate that expires in a few months or are not including local channels or additional receiver rental fees.

Second of all, when you sign up for new DISH Network service through DishStore, not only are you getting the best deal you are also helping support because a percentage of profit from every sale goes to support the forums.

The Deal Explained

A) You get FREE Activation on any new account when you sign a 24 month committment. The only thing you pay is your first month DISH Network bill, which is fully refundable if your System is not installed for any reason.

B) In addition for signing up, DISH Network will give you a $15 promotional credit for 12 months (A $180 Value)

C) DISH Network is currently offering their DISH Home Protection Plan extended warranty FREE for 6 months, which is over a $36 value.

D) DishStore is currently offering an additional rebate up to $100 just for signing up with us. Simply print out and mail in the form with a copy of your first months bill and DishStore will mail you a rebate check up to $100. It doesn't get any better than this. You can download the rebate form HERE.

E) HBO/Showtime is Free for 3 months, which is over a $72 Value

F) Free HD For Life when you sign up with Credit card Auto-pay with Paperless Billing

If you sign up without a DISH Network 24 Month commitment as a new first time customer or former customer, Subscribe to DISH Family, or used a Club Dish card during the initial signup process.

First time DISH Network Customer that signed a 24 Month commitment and has Americas Top 100/200/250, and Signed up with Credit Card auto-pay the day the order was placed

First time DISH Network customer that signed a 24 Month commitment and has Americas Top 100/200/250 annd Signed up with Credit Card auto-pay on the day the order was placed and signed up with a HD/DVR.

$25 Platinum HD Bonus
Additional $25 cash back if customer signed up for the Platnum bonus HD package at the time the account was setup. This rebate is in addition to the above 3 rebates.

*Please note that at the time of qualification, DISH Network will make the determination weather you are considered a new first time customer or a Former customer. If you had DISH Network in the past, please do not try to provide us with false information when signing up to make you look like your a new subscriber again as this may completely void your dishstore rebate

Here is a breakdown of the potential savings with our exclusive offer:

Rebate Explaination

Rebate Amount

DISH Network's $15 off for 12 months Promo


DISH Home Protection Plan - 6-Month Credit

$36.00 $100 Rebate Offer


HBO/Showtime 3-Month FREE Promotion with CCAP and Paperless Billing






Total Potential Savings and Rebates


Signing Up for DISH Network Service
Exclusive DISHSTORE Rebate Offer

1.) Call one of out sales advisors at 1-800-807-0837 to setup your account and sign up for new service.

2.) Please mention to the sales advisor your calling for the Satelliteguys promotion so we can include the rebate form when we mail you your order summery. If you forget to mention this, You can download the rebate form HERE.

3.) You may also click HERE to check out our programming packages.

Signing Up Without a Contract
Exclusive DISHSTORE Rebate Offer

You do have the option to sign up for service without taking a 24 month commitment. If you choose not to sign an 24 month commitment, we would still like your business however you will not receive the following.

  1. No DISH Home Protection Plan Discount for 6 Months ($36 Value)
  2. DISHSTORE Exclusive Rebate reduced from up to $125 to $25.
  3. You are required to pay a $99 Activation Fee

We understand alot of customers do not want to be commited for 24 months, however signing a 24 month agreement is not as bad as you may think. First of all the cancellation fee is only $420, and this is actually pro-rated at the rate of $17.50 for every month remaining in your contract.

Once you consider in all the promotional rebates and credits, in as little as 6 months the promotional credits would equal more than the cancallation fee. For example if you qualified for the $100 DISH Store rebate and decided to cancel on the 7th Month you would owe DISH Network a Pro-rated cancellation fee of $297.50, however after the $15 promotional credits given for the past 7 months ($105), and the $99 you saved upfront vs doing no committment you at about a break even point.and be ahead $6.50

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